How solar can save your business

Australian businesses operate in one of the sunniest countries in the world, however Australia has the most expensive power gird in the world. This is why more and more companies are turning to solar to help reduce costs.

Read on to learn more, or complete the form and one of our solar experts will call you to discuss how we can help you harness the sun and reduce your energy costs for years to come.

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The Business Energy Experts Make it Cheaper have helped thousands of businesses save money and improve their energy bills, we now offer solar options to further improve energy cost and efficiency.

Affordable, shorter payback periods and no capex required.
Solar for businesses has become much more affordable. New financing models – namely Solar Power Purchasing Agreements (PPAs) – have matured and are now viable for sites in areas affected by higher energy and network costs. Solar PPAs also make it possible for businesses to install a solar system without having to spend significant upfront costs.

Increased predictability, lower costs and financial benefits.
Australian businesses have been badly hit by a volatile energy market. The good news is that we predict that the market is about to stabilise, improving the predictability of energy costs. The bad news is that the market will stabilise at a high price point.

Businesses are turning to solar as the solution to both pain points. Living in a country where we know the sun will be shining on most days means that solar is a predictable and cheap source of energy.

Depending on the size of your solar array, your business could also generate Large Scale Generation Certificates (LGC) or Small scale Technology Certificates (STC), which can be traded for financial benefits.

Solar application process

A step-by-step guide on our solar application process.
  • Complete our form and one of our solar experts will be in touch to determine eligibility
  • You will receive a Solar proposal based on your requirements
  • Secure government funding
  • We review your bill and provide a visual assessment of your roof space. We also undertake usage profiling and screen all grant beneficiaries.
  • We generate a proposal outlining the costs and payback period. If you want to proceed you will be asked to pay a small deposit.
  • We seek out government grants on your behalf to put towards the cost of your system.
  • After reviewing your usage, bill and site, if solar won’t benefit you we won’t recommend it.
  • If your grant is declined, you can access a full refund of your deposit.
  • Final applications: we undertake a site and electrical engineering inspection, process the rental/ finance application (if required) as well as the grid connect application.
  • If any application is denied, you can access a full refund of your deposit.
  • Install solar, use less and pay less
  • We coordinate an installation date that suits you. Following your installation, you’ll begin to receive a solar report for your system which shows your system’s performance against Bureau of Meteorology data.  
  • A typical rooftop solar installation will deliver a payback of about 6 years for Australian businesses, reducing grid energy usage by 25% and grid costs by 15% - 20%.
  • Make it Cheaper works with leading solar providers to source competitive solar offers for our customers. By providing your details, one of our solar partners will be in contact to discuss your solar requirements.

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